500 Box Drive

Join our 500 Box Drive and resolve to declutter in 2014!

Happy New Year Double Dutchers!

Have you resolved to be clutter-free in 2014? We can help you get rid of the outgrown kids' clothing and sports gear taking up valuable space in your home. List those boxes on Double Dutchery and you'll instantly get a swap point to use on some fabulous new-to-you items.

And by listing boxes you'll be helping out the community in a big way. We're starting a 500 Box Drive today! We've determined that if there are 500 boxes listed on the site then all members can find the sizes they need, when they need it.

And it couldn't be easier to list a box. Gather items, take a photo, write a brief description of what's in the box and click the "save." It's easier than Ebay or Craigslist (and that's an actual quote from a member).

We'll update you on how close we are to reaching our goal of 500 boxes (follow us on Facebook or Twitter for progress updates). When we reach 500 there will be some cool giveaways to everyone who helped us reach that number.

Thank you for being a member of DoubleDutchery.com!

- Wendy & Robbie