500 Box Drive Giveaway Information

We started 500 Box Drive with 140 boxes listed on Double Dutchery.

We think it's just about time to say thank you to all who have participated in listing boxes on Double Dutchery by having a few drawings.

Every time we reach another 100 boxes we'll hold a drawing. We are VERY close to the first giveaway.

Here's what we're doing:
At 200 boxes we're giving away 2 $20 Amazon gift cards
At 300 boxes we're giving away 3 $30 Amazon gift cards
At 400 boxes we're giving away 4 $40 Amazon gift cards
Are you starting to see the pattern?
At 500 boxes we're giving away 5 $50 Amazon gift cards and one very lucky Double Dutcher will win a $100 Amazon gift card.

We're also giving away 2 free boxes and 2 Double Dutchery totes at every drawing.

To qualify you must have listed (and not taken down) at least one box on Double Dutchery. If your box was chosen by another Double Dutcher you still get credit for that box.

Each box you list earns you one submission into the drawing. For example, you list 2 boxes to help us reach 200, you'll get 2 entries in the first drawing. Now say you list another 2 boxes to help us reach 300. For that you get to count all your boxes so you'll have 4 entries in that drawing. The more boxes you list the more chances you'll have to win--Hooray!

Keep listing those boxes and sharing us on Facebook and Twitter!
Wendy & Robbie