500 Box Drive Update (and some other exciting news)

As you know, it's our mission to build a network of parents across the nation interested in swapping gently-used kids' clothing. Last week we announced a 500 Box Drive to get our initiative off the ground.

We started the drive with 140 boxes -- 11 boxes have been added since then. There's still a long way to go but it's solid progress!

We'd also like to thank member babys_mama1 who wrote a kindly review of her experience with our service on her blog Trenches of Motherhood. Stop by and check out her site!

As we continue our drive and grow our network we humbly thank everyone for your continual support and understanding. We are a grassroots operation. We deeply rely on word of mouth and member participation.

Don't forget, once we reach 500 boxes we’ll be conducting a few giveaways with those who helped us reach our goal.

So keep listing those boxes and let's grow together!