Help summer drop the mic & get $6 off

Help summer drop the mic and get your kids back to school in style.

Right now we're asking all members to share your outgrown, gently used cool weather clothes and tagging them "Fall" when you list a box on Double Dutchery. For your generosity we'll email you a $6 coupon good towards your next order.

Get rid of what you don't need and grab something you do. We are only as great as the members who jump in and be a part of our awesome community.

Let's grow together and rock this new school year!

If you ever find yourself in Berkeley, California

The best adventures we had this summer were visiting spots recommended to us by friends and family. We'd say 100% of the time those hometown tips were what gave our trips to that extra certain specialness.

With the help of our two kids (14 & 8 years old) we came up with our 5 must-see spots in our hometown of Berkeley, Ca,...Just in case you ever find yourself in the neighborhood:

Share your summer gear and $6 off your next box

Double Dutchery members need summer gear NOW! To encourage you to share we're going to email you a $6 off coupon each time you list a box of your summer clothes, shoes and sports gear.

Here's how:
1. List a box of summer items
2. Make sure to click on the "summer" box under "seasons" when listing
3. Once listed you'll receive an email containing a coupon code for $6 off your next purchase.

It's that simple. Use all that unwanted summer stuff you have taking up space in your garage to get something you need now and save big bucks for extra fun in the sun!

*Limit one coupon per purchase

New size preference feature added

After talking it over with several Double Dutchers we've decided the site needed a feature that allows you to be notified via email when a box in the size you're looking for is listed.

So that's what we did!

You can now request email notifications be sent to you for up to two sizes.

And it's very simple to do:
1. Log into Double Dutchery.

2. Go to your account profile page by clicking the "account" tab.

3. Once you're in your account profile you'll now see two tabs that say "Favorite Size 1" and "Favorite Size 2."

4. Click on each tab to make your selection.

500 Box Drive Update (and some other exciting news)

As you know, it's our mission to build a network of parents across the nation interested in swapping gently-used kids' clothing. Last week we announced a 500 Box Drive to get our initiative off the ground.

We started the drive with 140 boxes -- 11 boxes have been added since then. There's still a long way to go but it's solid progress!

500 Box Drive

Join our 500 Box Drive and resolve to declutter in 2014!

Happy New Year Double Dutchers!

Have you resolved to be clutter-free in 2014? We can help you get rid of the outgrown kids' clothing and sports gear taking up valuable space in your home. List those boxes on Double Dutchery and you'll instantly get a swap point to use on some fabulous new-to-you items.

A call to action!

Double Dutchery is an initiative whose vision is to help parents clothe their kids without breaking the bank or the environment. We are a collective of like-minded parents--built by parents, powered by parents.

Chances are if you signed up for an account you were thinking you’d find exactly what you need, when you need it. And that’s our goal, but it's also only half the story.

See, Double Dutchery only works when all members share and share alike. Passing on what we no longer need for stuff we do need--saving time, money and the environment.