What we've been up to

It's been a pretty incredible first couple of months since launching Double Dutchery out into the world. The press has been very kind to us and we've heard from many members that Double Dutchery provides a much-needed platform for parents navigating the rocky waters of childrearing. Each day our membership grows and some members have already fully jumped in and starting posting boxes.

List a box, earn 2 points...That's cool, eh?

When you list a box of your child's gently worn, outgrown clothes on Double Dutchery you become part of a growing community of like-minded parents who believe in not letting the things they own, own them. But instead, are interested in making the things they own work for them, in an extra-special way.

Meaning? Even though your kids' outgrown clothes aren't of any use to you anymore they can be put to use to swap for some clothes you really can use. And when many parents join in and list boxes everyone has a lot to gain.

The importance of hitting "SAVE"

You've just filled out the perfect "List a Box" form. Your clothing descriptions are spot on and, wow, that picture you took of your size 5 girls clothing is crisp and bright. Your address is filled in correctly and you even remembered to select size, gender and brands. You even came up with a title sure to peak the interest of any parent who lays eyes on it. And you've assigned the right amount of points guaranteed to get your box snatched up in no time.

You think you're done and you exit the screen. But wait, where's your box? That can't be right! You were careful, beyond careful and now it's just gone. As if your box never existed. Wha???

A bit about boxes

Double Dutchery is powered by parents. That means the more members list boxes, the more luck you will have finding boxes perfect for you. It's like a community clothing swap -- but on a much larger (nationwide) scale.

And, as demonstrated in the photo (click it to enlarge), you can fit quite a lot of clothing into those USPS Flat Rate shipping boxes (with the exception of the small box -- which can hold a few choice items). Even with the cost of shipping, each box packs a lot of value. And it's an easy remedy for clearing out those unwanted clothes taking up valuable space.

We are live and ready for action

We get giddy anytime a box like this arrives because it means after months of hard work, tears (of joy and pain) and, dare we say, a smidgen of sweat (ewww) we are officially launched and ready for action!

Create an account, list your children's gently worn outgrown clothes and earn points to spend on awesome new clothes that fit. Come be a part of a parent community who believe there’s a better way to combat the rising cost of children's clothing while simultaneously minimizing unnecessary waste.

LIVE from SXSW 2013

Double Dutchery road trip -- we're in Austin, TX for this year's SXSW interactive conference. We brought The Admiral along to make sure we don't walk into any TRAPS! Hoping to meet lots of like-minded folks and be inspired by all the forward-thinking entrepreneurs and makers. We'll post updates as the week progresses.

Join us. Get trade tokens + oodles of gratitude

We want you!...To join our beta and join a new way of thinking about how we clothe our kids. And when we say "new" we mean the timeless principles of community clothing swaps with a technogeek twist.

Become a FOUNDING MEMBER of Double Dutchery and reserve your spot in our upcoming beta! Founding members get all sorts of cool perks, including 2 free trade points, an exclusive member profile badge and role in launching our community by parents, for parents.

To join, create a user name and password. Pick something memorable -- it's what other users will know you by, and you won't be able to change it later. Hope that's not too much pressure.