Our Story

Let’s rethink how we clothe our kids.

Double Dutchery was founded with a defiant spirit and lofty notion that there’s a better way for parents to combat the rising cost of children's clothing while simultaneously minimizing unnecessary waste.

Double Dutchery is an online platform for parents to exchange their kids’ outgrown and gently used clothing for ones that fit, to save tons of money and time, and in doing so join a growing movement of reuse.

It costs $234,900 to raise a child. What?

It doesn’t take an economist to realize that kids aren’t cheap. Frugal parents have been using community clothing swaps for generations to reduce costs. Double Dutchery opens this up to a much larger online community. Swap gently used, outgrown clothing for stuff that fits, all delivered right to your door.

Clothing waste at record levels.

Every year in North America, 12 million tons of clothing is sent to landfills. Yikes. That’s 68 pounds of textile waste per family. Sounds crazy, but 90% of this clothing is perfectly good. Yet people keep buying new stuff. That made us stop and think.

Unlike other junk you throw away, children’s clothing tends to be in great shape. It’s just outgrown. Somewhere there’s a parent who needs that exact size. And somewhere else there's a parent with clothing in your kids’ size. Double Dutchery connects those dots.

And we believe it’s important to show our children, through example, that consumerism doesn’t have to rule their lives. What we already own is valuable to us and others. The need for recycling in this age of waste is more important than ever. That’s a big part of our mission.

How it all began.

In 2011 we had an idea to help parents (like us) navigate these trying economic times. Our kids were outgrowing clothing at an alarming rate -- a precocious six year old daughter, tallest in her class, and a twelve year old son with his own individualistic sense of style. Not having the reliability of friends or family to swap their almost-new, outgrown clothes with, nor the time to locate and attend community swaps, we began to explore the concept of Double Dutchery. Our combined backgrounds as a husband and wife team -- an entrepreneurial mom (and former educator) and a technologist father -- proved the right combination to make this idea a reality. Double Dutchery launched beta in 2013 and we couldn’t be more pleased with the initial response.

The future.

The real power of Double Dutchery lies in its community. We realize we’re only as strong as the combined force of our members. We want you to be part of something new, unique and slightly rebellious. We’re not some faceless corporation. We’re parents. We envision a future of like-minded parents saving money and helping each other out. Dare we say making the world a better place? We hope so.

Let’s grow together.