How does shipping and handling work?

The buyer pays for shipping and handling. The seller pays nothing.

For uniformity of costs we require all clothing be shipped by the seller in a small, medium, or large USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box which are available free at your Postal Office or online. We strongly encourage sellers to acquire boxes from USPS prior to listing boxes on Double Dutchery. Having a box on hand will allow sellers to experiment with how many pieces of clothing they can fit in a box before listing, and will enable quick shipping to the buyer once the shipping label is received.

When a buyer places an order we'll mail a pre-paid shipping label to the seller which is then attached to the box and handed off to USPS.

The buyer pays $6 handling + shipping. The total cost for each size box is:

  • Small box: $11.10
  • Medium box: $16.65
  • Large box: $20.80