Good things come in small packages, but not too much

When you list a box on Double Dutchery you are given the option of shipping your items in a small, medium or large USPS Flat Rate Box. We encourage you to grab your free boxes beforehand from your local post office or order them online here.

Having your boxes on hand will help you figure out how much will fit. Having your listed box packed makes for a quick handoff to your postal carrier when another member chooses your box and you receive the shipping label from us.

But what exactly fits in the small flat rate box? Let me tell you -- not a heck of a lot. Most of the boxes posted by our members will be medium size boxes. However, some items will fit in a small box, but you really have to be sure it can close, flaps tucked in and all. And while some post offices are rather accepting of a small flat rate box that is bulging a little and kept closed with half a roll of packing tape, not all are so understanding. You run the risk of having to pay extra for a box that is overstuffed. Just be mindful that the USPS flat rate box motto "If it fits, it ships" does not speak for boxes that are anything but flat.

Some ideas of things that fit in small boxes:

- Baby-toddler shoes (not boots)
- One-two pairs of smaller kids swim trunks if they are rolled tightly
- Four-Five onesies
- A really spectacular top
- Two (maybe three) toddler sized t-shirts again rolled tightly
- Baby-small toddler pair of pajamas
- Two pairs of baby-toddler cotton shorts
- A T-ball size baseball glove
- Small toddler dress

Here are more helpful guidelines!