Our new point system

Listing a box is even easier with Double Dutchery.

Over the past few months, we've heard from several members about how we could simplify the point system. And effective immediately, we've made some adjustments. We think it makes it much more straightforward:

Members immediately receive +1 point for every box they list (previously, points were awarded only when someone bought your box)
All boxes are automatically listed at 1 point (previously, members assigned their own point value)
If you have boxes currently listed on the site, those boxes are now priced at 1 point. However, we've gone ahead and credited your account for the full point value that you originally listed them at. Which means you probably have some points to spend!
Why we did this --

The point system exists only for one reason -- to encourage people to list boxes. We wanted to eliminate as many barriers to this as possible. It becomes a much simpler and clearer value exchange: list a box, get a box. It's that simple!